Explosive allegations in BofA hearing over $8.5B MBS settlement

A New York State Supreme Court judge continued hearing explosive allegations in an article 77 hearing that will determine whether Bank of America’s (bac) massive .5 billion mortgage-backed.

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Bank of America’s proposed $8.5 billion settlement with investors in Countrywide mortgage-backed securities gets all the attention, most recently in a column Sunday by Gretchen Morgenson of The New York Times, who cited new claims that echo old allegations of banks shortchanging MBS noteholders through modification of underlying investor-owned loans.

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According to news services, Walnut Place, otherwise known as Baupost Group, withdrew objections to a proposed $8.5 billion settlement currently under way with Bank of America, which bought.

BofA Article 77 hearing adjourned until mid-November. Those hoping for an imminent resolution to Bank of America’s ( BAC -1.1%) $8.5B MBS settlement – or even for a complete record of the Article 77 hearing in order to handicap the outcome – will have to wait. Judge Kapnick has adjourned the hearing until November 14,

A New York State Supreme Court judge continued hearing explosive allegations in an Article 77 hearing that will determine whether Bank of America’s (BAC) massive $8.5 billion mortgage-backed.

According to Reuters, the final witness took the stand in a trial involving Bank of America’s (BAC. scheduled witness in a long-running case over whether the deal should be approved. "My opinion is.

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Ex-B of A employee’s court victory puts all banks on notice. Salma Aghmane, a client manager at Bank of America, was fired in 2013 for withdrawing money from a cousin’s Bank of America account, purportedly without authorization. Aghmane said she did have the authorization and the young.

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