HUD: Robo-signing settlement to accelerate principal reductions

The Obama administration is working to include substantial principal write-downs in the upcoming settlement between the largest mortgage servicers and most state attorneys general.

That’s because the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 allows taxpayers to exclude income from the discharge of debt on their principal residence. The act is scheduled to expire at the end of this year, however. So if the act is not extended and the principal reduction occurs in 2013, borrowers may be on the hook to pay taxes on the settlement amount.

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This settlement is intended to address the servicing aspect of the crisis, which did not cause the housing crisis.” The settlement doesn’t prevent the government from punishing wrongful securitization conduct that will be the focus of the new residential mortgage-backed securities working group, HUD noted. State and federal authorities can also pursue criminal enforcement actions related to conduct by.

The New York Post correctly calls the foreclosure fraud settlement something analagous to the robo-signing scandal the settlement releases from liability. Yes, it’s the Post, but this is.

Under the settlement, Ocwen agreed to $2 billion in first-lien principal reduction, and $125 million for cash payments to borrowers on nearly 185,000 foreclosed loans.

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 · Settlement details. The five banks involved in the settlement are (in order of amount due under the settlement): Bank of America; Wells Fargo; JPMorgan Chase; Citigroup; and; Ally. General figures for financial relief allocate $12 billion for principal reductions, with the following geographical areas receiving the most aid from the settlement:

The next housing shock, Bank Fraud Robo Signing for Forclosure Although the settlement generally orders Ocwen to give a total of $2 billion in principal reductions to borrowers who qualify, it does not dictate which consumers get this relief. In other words, any particular consumer does not have a "right" to a loan modification under this settlement.

The practice earned the futuristic-sounding sobriquet "robo-signing," and. such as refinancings and principal reductions, came in a form that kept borrowers in their homes, Donovan said on the call.

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The programs include help in case of job loss, help catching up on past payments due to hardship, principal reduction and transition assistance. Single Point of Contact (SPOC), 4. ‘Robo-signing’.