Houses with solar features rise in popularity

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So, does it make more sense to buy or lease a solar-panel system? While leasing is a popular option, think carefully, especially when it comes to resale. "Not all prospective home buyers want to take on the responsibility of a solar lease,” Harrington said. "Many will request that the seller buy out the lease.

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Building Characteristics. The highest arc is the sun’s path on the summer solstice, while the lowest arc is the sun’s path on the winter solstice. passive solar homes typically have windows on the south side of the building. They have an overhang to block the high summer sun, while allowing the low winter sun to enter and warm the house.

The company has been continuing to develop new inverter software and features to help make it the center. without having to develop them from the ground up. If home solar storage continues to be.

This 9,500 square foot log cabin inspired home is located in Colorado. The rustic appearance of this home include solar thermal panels, solar electric panels and wrap around insulation. The luxurious features of this home include a pizza oven, floor to ceiling gas fireplace, outside kitchen and a master suite with a coffee bar and steam shower.

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Solar energy is the hot topic around much of the U.S. The popularity of solar panels on homes is on the rise with the combination of increasing electric costs, available federal and state government incentives, and the decrease in cost to have and install solar panels on one’s home.

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The United States installed more solar energy than any other source of electricity in the first quarter of this year. And it’s becoming increasingly popular here in Florida.

Newer homes feature enormous walk-in closets, spacious dressing rooms, and plenty of easy-to-reach built-in cabinets. Garages are also getting bigger to accommodate the ever-popular SUVs and other large vehicles. We’ve got a lot of stuff, and we don’t seem to be getting rid of it anytime soon.