Freddie Mac CEO: Lenders should offer more low down payment mortgages

Second mortgage loans: The most common down payment source, these have low or no interest rates and the payments are deferred over a specific time period. Tax credits: Certain states and local governments, including Housing Finance Agencies, issue mortgage credit certificates which reduce the amount of income tax you pay, thus giving you more available income upfront to make your down payment or pay for closing costs.

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Difference Between FannieMae, FreddieMac and FHA Those efforts may be futile because once consumers have FICO credit scores of 760, a higher one doesn’t mean they’ll get better interest rates on mortgages and credit cards or more elite card offers ..

Amid News Of $475m In Q3 Losses, Freddie Mac CEO Urges More Low Down Payment Loans by Amanda Maher. The same day it was revealed that Freddie Mac sustained $475 million in losses in the third quarter, Freddie Mac CEO Donald Layton urged lenders to increase the number of low down payment loans they issue.

B of A Teams with Freddie, Credit Union to Offer Low Down Payment Mortgage. Before the financial crisis, Self-Help worked with 30 large lenders originating loans for 50,000 low- and moderate-income homeowners. That program came to a halt when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were placed into conservatorship in 2008.

Low Down Payment for a Jumbo Mortgage: Getting Under 20%. If you are in the market for a luxury home that is priced above the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loan limits, it is still possible to get a low down payment for a jumbo mortgage. However, more stringent requirements are in store for you than most standard borrowers face.

 · Fannie and Freddie already back mortgages with as low as 5% down. And the Federal Housing Administration insures 3.5% loans. Still, according to Mark Palim, who directs economic and strategic research at Fannie Mae, it’s a welcome expansion of credit.

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 · Costs of a low down payment mortgage. There’s a reason lenders like to see you put at least 20 percent down – they want to know you have skin in the game. The lender is fronting you the money for your mortgage, and they feel it’s less risky if you’re putting a significant amount of your own cash toward the purchase.

Freddie Mac’s policy switch won’t mean that very low down payment mortgages will disappear from the marketplace. Fannie Mae, Freddie’s larger competitor, continues to offer these loans.

"Undisclosed real estate liabilities, credit repair, questionable down payment sources. mortgage giants fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are under government control, either own or securitize the.

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