BofA moves on principal reduction promised in AG settlement

 · California has left the door open to signing on to a bigger settlement, and the BofA subpoenas were seen as a move to exert further pressure on the bank.

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How Bank of America’s modifications compare with other banks’ Read the agreement BofA reached with state attorneys general and the original complaint filed against Countrywide The plan is one of the.

Bank of America and federal prosecutors have accelerated their negotiations to resolve an investigation into the bank’s sale of troubled mortgage securities before the financial crisis. The two sides, however, remain far apart on crucial issues and a settlement remained elusive late wednesday, even after the bank significantly raised its offer.

The decision to sell off. million in unpaid principal balance. In early September, Fannie Mae sold a smaller "Community Impact Pool" of NPLs including 71 loans with approximately $10 million in UPB. Freddie Mac estimates home sales to fall another 23% in.

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Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase executives announced Sunday night that almost 1,000 Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park homeowners will qualify for help through the $26 billion.

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More than $40.2 million will be used for principal reduction and relief for more than. in that court for pre-trial proceedings. The settlement comes almost three weeks after Bank of America Corp.,

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In fact, the settlement has functioned more as loss mitigation for BofA and investors in mortgage-backed securities than as recompense for victims of predatory lending, says Alan White, an associate professor of law at Valparaiso University and an expert on the subprime crisis.