Elevate your underperformers

If you can stand out as the exception in a sea of Millennials who are seen as underperformers, you will elevate your value-which could lead to your getting promoted even faster.

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And so, I offer several tips on how to raise the performance bar in your business. 1. Stretch Assignments For. that employee recognition programs in organizations with “engaged underperformers”.

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Transforming the underperformers on your team into successful originators is a multi-step process. As we’ve discussed in the first 3 parts of this series, it begins with setting the minimum standards for production, identifying which loan officers lack the skill as opposed to the will, and helping those ready to reach the next level develop a strategic business plan.

How-To: Manage an Underperformer. Mustering up the managerial courage to let someone go isn’t easy. We tend to give people sixth, seventh, and eighth chances or pass them along to another manager. Keeping underperformers hurts other team members as they bring the morale of the entire team down.

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You can mention that you would take the time to get to know your clients or team members and assess their needs and preferences. As well, it’s helpful to differentiate how you might approach staff who perform well, versus the office underperformers.

A person earning less salary won’t want to write it down because that information will raise questions. your skills on your own time.) Providing salary history is not a concern of top performers as.

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