Which celebrity owned the top home in 2015?

Although Ice Cube reportedly owns a wide array of cars, little else is. The famous rapper is recognized as the best selling hip-hop artist in. in 2014 and spend most of their time at this residence taking care of their children.

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Some celebrity-owned homes have sat on the market for years.. The home is totally over the top, with "21 bedrooms, The house listed in July 2015 for $22.5 million. Just three months later. But even in the rarefied space of celebrity homes, 2015 was an exceptional year. Luminaries in movies, music, and sports added a prodigious dose of dazzle to the recent real estate market.

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Michael Jordan. And our top 10 most expensive celebrity home belongs to none other than basketball legend Michael Jordan! Located at Chicago, Illinois, Jordan’s mansion is one heck of a house! The home, as a whole, is composed of nine bedrooms, one guesthouse with three bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, mini golf, grass inland, three garages,

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As for how he took the celebratory roast, Chris told the crowd, "I’m just having the best time. This has been a truly remarkable day. When I was in fifth grade, I had a Harvard sweatshirt . . . I only.

#7. Le Cirque. One of New York’s most beloved restaurants, owned, orchestrated and presided over by Sirio Maccioni (who became the subject of a 2009 HBO Documentary can be found at One Beacon Court, better known as 151 East 58th Street. The cirque extraordinaire, updated for dining in this new.

This MBA homebuilder chart shows exactly what a sawtoothed recovery looks like We continue to believe that 2018/2019 looks quite a bit like 2014/2015 when home sales ground to a halt following the taper-tantrum-led interest rate surge only to surge more than 15% the.

 · From Nashville to New York: Inside the Many Homes of Taylor Swift. (Or her parents owned, in the case of her childhood home.) While onstage, Taylor tends to be a little bit flashy, her at-home style-based on her most recent purchases-appears to lean toward staid New England-chic, with lots of beachy exteriors and wide-plank wood floors.

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The LaLaurie family owned the home in the 1830’s and said to have brutalized slaves there for years. Today, visitors and overnight guests report still hearing screams. Location: Royal Street ,