Senate bill requires response to short sale requests within 75 days

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The new law essentially requires, after a short sale has already been approved, for the lender to respond to a request for a short-pay demand statement within 21 days. The lender’s response to escrow can be a short-pay demand statement or even, depending on the circumstances, a written statement electing not to proceed with the proposed transaction.

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The U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia said Washington should take what he called "reasonable responses short of war" after it had determined who was behind attacks on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates.Iran was a prime suspect in the sabotage on Sunday although Washington had no conclusive proof, a U.S. official familiar with.

Legislators Pass Bills to Expedite Short Sale Process 1.25.12 In: lending predatory lending legislation save our homes act On January 13, Illinois Senate Bill 1259 was signed by Governor Pat Quinn, requiring banks and lending institutions to respond to a short sale offer by a homeowner within 90 days.

Here’s how a dodgy network of commercial mortgage brokers may cost Morgan Management their multifamily empire Here’s how a dodgy network of commercial mortgage brokers may cost Morgan Management their multifamily empire – The Morgan family is established as one of the largest apartment empires in America. But probably not for long. Recently, prosecutors in New York allege that nearly $500 million in loans, obtained by.