Senators bargain on HARP expansion

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Homeowners await HARP expansion.. President Barack Obama urged Americans to push their representatives in Congress to pass the bill, calling HARP 3.0 a "no-brainer," noting that he and 2012.

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– For more than a year, an expansion to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) has been in the works, with the bill still sitting idle in the legislature. President Barack Obama reportedly introduced HARP 3.0, which has been labeled "A Better Bargain for U.S. Homeowners."

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Yet as the legislature wrestles with a bill designed to allow expansion. senate minority leader whose district covers the East Haven portion and who owns a home and beach club there. Their.

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Mayor Toni Harp. this year senator fasano, Representative Paolillo, and I met with the Governor and his staff on the.

Two Senate Democrats are giving their harp expansion bill another try, seeing to extend HARP refinancings to more than 13 million borrowers.

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