CFPB leader not backing down on lending discrimination cases

CFPB leader not backing down on lending discrimination cases Kraninger: Department of Education refusing to cooperate with CFPB The Consumer Financial Protection bureau (cfpb) director kathy kraninger may have been blasted for her bureau’s poor oversight of predatory student loan servicers, but her latest effort to fix the "lousy system" has gone awry for a reason beyond her control: The.

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Potential Bureau rulemaking might focus on application of the Court’s holdings to ECOA. Such a rule would be more durable than the Bureau’s earlier fair lending bulletin, remaining in effect unless altered by later rulemaking (and thus surviving any future leadership change at the Bureau).

Completed Claim Affirmation Form signed by the deceased property owner’s2018 HW Insiders: Lisa Birmingham CFPB leader not backing down on lending discrimination cases car dealers win first round in Congress against CFPB over auto loan discrimination. regulatory umbrella of the CFPB and is backing legislation to do just that in the Senate.. to.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director resigns In her post on the CFPB’s blog announcing the bulletin’s issuance, Patrice Ficklin, Assistant Director of the CFPB’s Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity, states that the CFPB will use the "disparate impact" test when it looks "not only at mortgage lending, but also at other types of credit, including student loans, loans.

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On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted almost entirely along party lines to invalidate, under the congressional review act, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) (in)famous 2013 Bulletin on lending discrimination in the indirect auto market via discretionary mark-ups and dealer compensation policies.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed zero fair-lending enforcement actions in the 2018 fiscal year and did not refer any violations of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to the Department of Justice. In a report to Congress released Tuesday, the agency did not identify any public enforcement actions for fair-lending violations during the fiscal year [.]

States such as Pennsylvania and Virginia are targeting student-loan servicing, regulators are easing oversight under Trump-appointed leadership.. institutions suspected of racial discrimination in mortgage lending. “If the CFPB is not going to pursue these kinds of cases, I am willing to go.. Back to Top.

(Usual caveat: Nobody really knows what Trump will ultimately do, not even. s new leadership to undermine its mission. “Strong majorities across parties disagree with [Acting CFPB Director Mick].

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