BofA completes more short sales than REO for last 18 months

SHORT SALE vs FORECLOSURE (REO) * per the bofa portfolio manager, short sales net the bank 12% to 20% more on average than Foreclosures. This is due almost entirely to what a Short Sale sells for vs. a Foreclosure. Part of the value difference are the damage often caused by out going home owners or by vandals to vacant homes.

Appraisal Institute names new 2015 president Two Appraisal institute members contributed to a landmark study released in January 2015 by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that found that home buyers consistently have been willing to pay more for homes with host-owned solar photovoltaic energy systems.

Bank of America announced it has completed or approved nearly $30 billion in relief to more than 330,000 homeowners as of the end of 2012. Read More » Servicers Distribute $46B in Relief Since.

LPS, as the company is known, is the biggest U.S. mortgage-and-foreclosure outsourcing firm. Last. 18 when a group of major investors claimed that Bank of America’s Countrywide Home Loan Servicing.

If you’re in trouble on your mortgage and can’t get a loan modification, check out the Obama administration’s standardized short-sale plan that’s scheduled to roll out in the next several months.

I hope that it does not come to this, but I have had to do this in the past to insure.. How about this, if you list the short sale for 417K, submit a offer then the bank. Typically, banks will get more money by selling a house short.. Mon Dec 18, 2017. The offer for $220,000.00 3 months ago was declined by Bank of America.

Just bought my first short sale. wanted to share a timeline. Bank of America. I had a short sale with them wherein we went through 5 negotiators before I got one that was capable of answering emails and calls and giving me. I’ve seen short sales take 12-18 months to get approved, just.

Senators craft extended mortgage relief for military Big Julie – Caesar’s mastery of language extended to the spoken. of Keith Fairbank, Caesar crafts his own self-image as “this cool, collected leader who moves quickly and deliberately, deals decisively with.

The Bank of America conducted a seminar yesterday for its designated REO agents in San Diego. No new game-changers, but plenty of confirmation of what we’ve been experiencing – short sales and loan mods have dominated the space in 2010:

Veros warns housing hot spots won’t stay as hot Using Big Data Drawn from its $45b Marketplace, RBI Data Identifies The Most Affordable Neighborhoods for First-time buyers. washington DC-March 12, 20015- First-time home buyers looking for affordable starter homes this spring can choose from a wide variety of local communities and neighbors in the greater Washington DC market, according to a new listing of 25 Home Buyer Hot Spots from.Chicago area home prices up 14 percent in October Florida single-family home prices up 14% over last year Quarterly New Home Starts are up 2% over 3Q17 – Annual Starts are up 13% YoY Annual Closings are up 14% YoY – at the highest level since 2007 Of the homes started in the last 12 months, 68% were for single family detached homes which is up 8% over the year; 25% were for.City officials notified area residents in early April that the team led by the Chicago-based firm Perkins + Will will create the “Greater Corktown Framework.” The team, made up of. estate prices in.Upbeat buyers push prices higher: Clear Capital It’s still not clear. some buyers holding off on their home moves in 2018 whilst they wait to see what happens. "If we have an agreed and orderly Brexit then we could see an influx of buyers coming.Foreclosures Drop 3% in May as Lenders Tackle Backlog: RealtyTrac LOS ANGELES (AP) – Lenders repossessed. those states will see a surge in foreclosed homes later this year. Banks took back 30,226 homes last month, a drop of 4 percent from December, foreclosure.

Fact: While only the credit reporting agencies that calculate your credit score will know for sure, it’s possible that a short sale might be better for your score than a foreclosure. Even if it isn’t, a short sale gives you time to find a more affordable place to live and exit gracefully from your obligation.

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